TakeAim Cycling: Hour to Empower Skills Clinics

takeaimcyclingSkills Clinic Schedule for 2017 FTF

Summary: These are hour long clinics that focus on specific skills.They are concise and interesting.  Riders may choose to attend multiple sessions. lead a ride with a skills focus

Friday: 2 Clinics

  1. TakeAim Cycling Skills Clinics 2-3pm: Cornering: Conquer the Florida corner! How to stay balanced and in control in switchbacks and on moderate speed corners.

  2. TakeAim Cycling Skills Clinics 3:30-4:30pm: Fundamentals you never thought about! Understanding balance, positioning and pressure control will change your riding to better control, confidence and flow.

Saturday: 3 Clinics

1. TakeAimCycling Skills Clinic 10-11am

2. TakeAimCycling Skills Ride 11:30am- Practice your honed skills in the woods!

Sunday: 2 clinics

  1. 9:30-10:30am Skills Clinic: Functional Manuals and Wheelies: Put the manual and wheelie in your toolbox to conquer more obstacles in the trail and have more fun.

  2. 11am-12pm Skills Clinic: Drops: How to safely roll off of edges and drops. The key to staying confident and balanced when the trail drops away from you.

About the Instructor, Harlan Price
TakeAim Cycling is a cycling skills company headed by Florida native Harlan Price. A two time Mountain Bike Endurance National Champion and past winner of 12hrs of Santos, Price is returning to Santos to break down and simplify the techniques need to make riding more fun, safe, and confidence inspiring. The “Hour to Empower” are short sessions to get you back on the trail with more tools for every ride.


March 9-11, 2018 Ocala Florida's Fat Tire Spring Break!