Camping & Festival FAQ’s

How do I get a ticket to participate in the campground events?
Tickets for the weekend sell out fast.  You could get on the waiting list or register for the Saturday Epic and stay at nice Ocala/Belleview hotel.

Is there a waiting list for tickets?

Yes, Eventbrite has a waitlist option, however we cannot release any more tickets due to restrictions on our permits and insurance policies.  FaceBook is the best place to look for a ticket.

Can I bring my dog(s)?
Dogs must be kept on a 6 foot leash the entire time, please see Campground Regulations page. If your dog will bark, howl, or whine when you are not around it is not recommended. Also, there are children at this event- no biting!

What’s included in a ticket?
Entrance to the campground from noon Friday through noon Sunday. A wristband is your ticket. Primitive camping turf for your tent. Extra facilities (toilets and showers) are provided. RVs and pop-up campers may park at the perimeter of the East loop with generators. Friday night is a band for your enjoyment. Saturday starts with a bagel breakfast and organic coffee before you head out on the completely supported, yet self-guided, Epic ride. Sag stops and lunch is served out on the trails. A full meal is served Saturday for dinner with vegetarian options. Saturday night is movies under the moonlight. Bring a low lawn chair and chill with us. Sunday is pancakes and sausage on the grill. You also receive a custom quality t-shirt and cup commemorating the weekend.

Can my friends and family visit me?
No one, including friends and family, can visit you in the campground. You may meet them anywhere else.

Should I bring some cash?
Yes- our Expo and Movie night raffles go directly to support our local charity work- bringing bikes and kids together.

What do I do with my trash?
Please recycle everything you can (paper, plastic, bottles, cans) in the many bins provided. There are dumpsters at the front of the property.

Do I need to bring my bike?
Probably yes. You may demo bikes from the Expo for short periods of time-please discuss with the reps. You will need a Driver’s License as collateral. Weather and trail conditions permitting.

Do I need a night light?
You will want to try our guided night rides. Some vendors may have loaner lights available. Please do not go out with only a flashlight.

Do we need to bring dinner for Friday night?
Yes, or visit some of our great food trucks or restaurants in the area.

Do you have vegetarian options at all meals?

Is Saturday lunch served in the campground?
No.  You may ride or drive to either the Landbridge Trailhead or Ross Prairie Trailhead.  Food trucks are available at the Bike Expo/Santos Trailhead (you pay for that).

March 9-11, 2018 Ocala Florida's Fat Tire Spring Break!